Steam & Rye

Steam and Rye is a unique bar, restaurant and live music venue with a classic Americana theme.

Inspired by the golden age of train travel in 1940’s America, Steam and Rye takes guests on a journey through a bygone era, recreating an eccentric and eclectic world of great invention, exploration and decadent style. Working with Hollywood set designer Jonathan Lee, our role in this project was to realise his creative vision recreating and building features such as the clock in the ‘Main Hall’ modelled on the very same Tiffany clock in Grand Central Station, sourcing a collection of over 3000 clocks for the ‘Clock Room’ and curating a collection of curiosities to represent the quirky exotic items that would have been transported across America at that time for the ‘Cargo Hold’.

Case Study: Steam & Rye

The challenges for our team on this project were in the detail of the pieces we were recreating , for the clock in the main hall we cast one of own staff from the work shop and hand carved the details to ensure its authenticity. The upturned Statue of Liberty that flanks the main entrance was made in our London workshop and for the ‘Cargo Hold’ we spent a lot of time collecting an eclectic mix of quirky items such as a giraffe’s head, a caged macaw and stuffed turtle, a wall of lost luggage and other ephemera from that era giving guests the feeling of exploration and discovery.


A wall of suitcases give life to the Lost Luggage Room.


The Tiffany styled clock that we replicated in our London workshop.

Steam&Rye_Main image

The lost luggage room with a stuffed giraffe sourced in Holland.



The Clocks room filled with 3000 clocks sourced across the UK.