Exterior shot of Squirrel


Commercial Fast Food Outlet

Inspired by nature Squirrel is an all-day healthy food and drink concept. With the clients new focus for making healthy food fun and accessible, the interior features a 21ft long fallen log counter, a treehouse, bespoke acorn lights, squirrels nest & graze bar.

Case Study: Squirrel

A lot of food-outlets are bland and clinical so Inception were keen to make squirrel unique by bringing natural elements to the interior to reflect the concept behind the food. So you will see reclaimed timber, cedar shingles, real silver birch logs and the main focal point ‘the fallen log’ counter.

Squirrel 0015 featuredBespoke Counter:
Our biggest challenge was the bespoke counter, not only in the challenge of transporting a 6 ton solid oak log, but then in working it into a counter. Every detail had to have a natural but playful feel to it so we had giant acorn lights hand woven and sourced petrified wooden stools to add to the concept. Creating the salad wall was another fun feature filled with over 2000 salad items.
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Squirrel 0030

The venue was a shell to begin with a sectioned basement, two staircases and an exterior toilet. The ceiling height at 4.2meters worked to our advantage in both design and practicality as it houses a mezzanine that maximised space whilst enabling us to create the idea of a tree top perch called ‘The nest’. Opening up the basement was essential for back of house prep and a dumbwaiter delivering a fast turnaround of salad bowls at peak times.


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Graze Bar

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Drinking Well

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