Latin-pacific late night lounge bar and dance club.

Chakana being the ancient Incan symbol for the "tree of life" inspired us to create a design that led visitors down a disused mine shaft into an ancient Incan tomb. The roots of the tree appear to grow through the broken stone ceiling giving the feel of an authentic discovered tomb with a skull wall installation complete with sound and lighting to immerse visitors in the experience.

Case Study: Chakana

The winding tree roots grow downwards and envelope the ceiling giving the whole interior its structure. Internal pillars were clad in stone held back by gabion cages and reclaimed timber beams to make the venue look like this was its sole support. Decorative stone carvings line the walls interspersed with antique wooden and metal decorative screens and even the bathrooms were decorated using authentic Mexican tiles.


Taking inspiration from the Spanish Conquistador style, furniture was a mixture of antique seating, chest tables and laser etched table tops on cast iron bases made in our London workshops. Snakeskin banquettes sit next to deep couches and old stools made from old drums and around them sit heavy wooden tables, chests and packing trunks, whilst carvings in stone and wood, featuring animals from ancient rainforests, can be made out by the light of flickering candles that drip wax from giant candelabras onto the deep-set stone floors.

Chakana_Main image

Intricate carvings of the snake serpent, puma and condor sit alongside depictions of the Chakana cross itself and a huge wall panel full of 224 backlit skulls behind the main bar integrate with a lighting and sound system (created by F1 Sounds & Lighting) to immerse visitors in a celebration of ancestral spirits.