Casa Bonita pop-up bar in London. Eclectic interior with hanging flags and coloured walls designed by CT Creative

Casa Bonita

A Latin American Barcardi Rum Pop-Up

We were approached by Inception Group to design a temporary pop-up bar in association with Bacardi Rum. We designed something that was colourful, fun and cost effective with lots of quirky detail; all inspired by a Latin American home.

Case Study: Casa Bonita

We designed a dado rail and wall panels to split the wall up into many parts, allowing us to paint the walls in alternate bold paint colours, with a crackle glazed effect.


The existing bar was tiled with Bacardi graphic tiles and the walls were filled with south American paintings, retro TV’s and other quirky Latin household objects. Over the top of this was a layer of graffiti and fun decorations.


We installed a hand painted wall mural to the main seating area


The exterior was given a lick of paint, vinyl branding and a window installation


Existing wall cladding to the rear stairwell was painted and aged, and faux planting baskets were installed to give a courtyard garden feel.


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