Interior shot of the boat at Bunga Bunga

Bunga Bunga/ Bungatini

Italian Pizzeria and Cabaret Club

Rustic Italian pizzeria with an immersive cabaret bar fit for a Roman Emperor. In true Bunga Bunga style, this venue is bigger and more outrageous than it’s previous incarnation in Battersea

Case Study: Bunga Bunga/ Bungatini

Street facing, this ground floor space was transformed into an Italian pizzeria with authentic wood fired pizza oven and Tuscan inspired interior, includes sandstone brick walls, shuttered windows and picnic bench banquettes.

Entrance Build:
This particular project required substantial alteration to the main staircase to make the space and levels workable. To get to the cabaret club requires walking through a secret entrance taking you from Tuscan, rustic dining to opulent excessive Romanesque style theatre.

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Main Space:
Downstairs the main focus was the cabaret club and main stage which was clad in a coliseum style façade inspired by Roman architecture with luxurious velvet curtains and Romanesque statues.

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To add fun to the space and add in the Italian references to excess, we bought a wreck of a boat which we navigated down the Thames to the workshop to re clad into a Riva styled boat driven straight from Italian waterways of Venice. Each area within the basement has its own unique style from the Emperors booth, Riva Boat and Harry’s Bar.

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Inspired by the romans love of sculptural fountains, we decided to include one ourselves making it into a shared wash basin.

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