Interior shot of the bar at Beaver Lodge

Beaver Lodge

A fun and quirky American saloon and dance cabin based on a western styled lodge from ‘The Cowboy State’ of Wyoming.

Over cladding this previously large industrial space with timber to create a cosy and convincing American styled lodge was one of the first challenges on this project. Guests find themselves immersed in an authentic interior surrounded by curated Americana memorabilia set against a back drop of cow hide and furs, wagon wheels and antler horned hanging lamps that lend the space an authentic Wyoming feel without setting foot outside of Chelsea.

Case Study: Beaver Lodge

Inception were keen to recreate the warmth felt in the saloon bars and log cabins of Wyoming, so with a clever mixture of reclaimed timbers including pines, red woods, cedar and stone guests feel immersed in this authentic recreation of a lodge complete with a ‘General store’ styled reception.

The extensive bar area was clad with original cow hide to add to the very tactile nature of the interior and banquette styled seating was upholstered with fabrics inspired by western clothing using a mixture of denims, leathers, gingham and flannel checks all surrounding the center piece wagon DJ booth.

Sticking with the reclaimed vibe, huge oak whiskey barrels, saddles adapted in our workshops to seating and wagon wheels play a dominant part in the interior.

We worked closely with Inception curating décor such as moonshine stills, signage and other cowboy memorabilia to fill the space and recreating elements that we could not purchase in our workshops such as saloon shutters and barn styled doors.